Serpong Green Warrior Run

Racepack Collection Day, September, 1st – 2nd 2023, from 11am - 8pm
Summarecon Mall Serpong
Racepack Collection Day, September, 1st – 2nd 2023, from 11am - 8pm
Summarecon Mall Serpong
Where is the race will be held?

The race will be held at Summarecon Mal Serpong, Gading Serpong - Tangerang, Banten

When the race take place?

The race will take place on Sunday, September 3rd 2023

What are the categories of the race?

There are five (5) categories, which is 10K Speed, 10K Obstacles, 5K Speed, 5K Obstacles, and Fun Race Family Warrior Challenge (Obstacles).

What are the requirements for each of these categories?

The requirements can be seen in [TERMS AND CONDITIONS]

Can I see the route of the race?

The routes can be viewed in [ Route Map ]

How many obstacles do I have race?

There are 2 obstacles for 5K category & 5 obstacles for 10K category, and 9 obstcales for Fun Race Family Warrior Challenge.

Can I know the types of the obstacles?

The types of obstacles can be seen [ here ]

Are there any shower can be used after the exercise?

Yes, there will be shower that can be used in the refreshment area

What should I do if I will not be able to get through the obstacles at the race?

You will be disqualified.

When the registration open?

The online registration is starting on June 19th - August 13th 2023.

What will we obtain after registering as a participant?

Participant candidates will receive Race Entitlement which contains a Running Tee, BIB Number, Timing Chip & Ecobag.(Head band & Temporary Tattoo for Obstacles category)

Are there any Shuttle Bus to pick up SGWR participants?


How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee can be seen in [Here]

Is there any early bird registration / discount / rebates?

Yes, there are early bird promo. If you register from June 19th - June 30st 2023 you can get 60% discount, 30% discount from July 1st – 31st 2023.

How does the payment system?

Payments can be made via transfer / credit card.

Is there any payment method can be done other than using a Credit Card?

For debit via EDC / cash payment can be done only for offline registration.

What if I do not have time to retrieve my BIB number until the race day?

The BIB number of participant can NOT be shipped and can NOT be taken on the day of the race: Sunday, September 3rd 2023. You may have a representative to take your race entitlements on the collection day (will be announces later) by bring the power of attorney letter.

What if my BIB number lost / left behind?

There is NO replacement and should be taken during the event.

Is there a time limit at the race?

Yes, the race time limit can be seen [ Terms And Conditions ]

What if I violate the rules?

If any participant break the rules, she / he will be disqualfied without exception.

Can the prize that obtained diverted to someone else?

Prizes that obtained can NOT be obtained by someone else.

What is the procedure for participants that win a Five Star Hotel Movenpick?

The winner will be contacted by the comittee.

Where is the nearest parking location?

Location nearest parking is the basement of Summarecon Mal Serpong (SMS), Gedung Parkir 1, Gedung Parkir 2, and outdoor parking area of SMS 2. Locations can be found in the Runner Guide.

Is there any recommendations for hotels?

You can find hotels here : Atria Hotel Gading Serpong - Ibis Hotel Gading Serpong - Fame Hotel Gading Serpong - Qubika Hotel Gading Serpong – Episode Hotel & JHL Hotel Gading Serpong.